Oreo TV Spot, 'Rolling Wonder' Song by Adam Lambert is a current 2016 Oreo TV spot.

Description Edit

A young, cartoon-like girl gives her preoccupied friend an Oreo cookie while they are both sitting on the sidelines of a skating rink. As soon as she untwists the top of the cookie, the wonderment of skating consumes them and all inhibitions go out the window. They join the rest of the party as they skate and dance to Adam Lambert's "Rolling Wonder", an original song for the commercial.


Song Edit

Wonder if we could

remember how good

it felt to wonder

when we were younger


Ev-ery-bo-dy, let's go!


O-re-o! Let out your wonder



Don't let them keep it under

You an' me weren't born to see this world with our heart clo-osed!

So let's live in wonderin' with O-re-o!

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