Oreo TV Spot, 'Play With Oreo' is a 2015 Oreo TV Spot. It was last played on Mar 16, 2015 at 3:54 AM on

Play With OREO feat

Play With OREO feat. Yelle (-30)

HGTV during Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

Description Edit

Enjoy a wonderland wonderfilled with animated roller skates, launches to the moon and unbelievably tall stacks of Oreos! Grab a cookie and start your adventure today.


Song Edit

The song was performed by Yelle.

Lyrics Edit

Show me how you

Twist it, Lick it, Dunk it, Munch it

Tell me how to

Roll it, Stack it, Flip it, Crunch it

Show me how you

Snack it, Pack it, Crack it, Creme it

Tell me how to

Share it, Dip it, Dare it, Dream it

It's an Oreo and you can eat it any way

If you want it, you can do it different every single day


It's so easy to let your imagination go

When you play with Oreo!